Entech Intruments

Entech Instruments is a leading developer and manufacturer of analytical instrumentation that supports professionals around the world in Environmental Air Monitoring, Soil & Water Testing, Industrial Hygiene, Food Safety, Flavor & Aroma R&D, Material Emissions Testing, Forensic Investigation, and Clinical Analysis.

Entech Instruments specialise in the creation of inert air and gas sample collection equipment, chemical extraction and pre-concentration technology,  as well as GC/MS sample preparation and introduction technologies.

Over the years Entech has continued to perfect the science and art of collecting, storing, and analysing volatile and semi-volatile chemicals by GC and GCMS. At the heart of this development is Entech’s proprietary SiloniteTM surface treatment. SiloniteTM renders sampling devices and GCMS sample handling systems as inert as a GC column, providing better recovery of a wider range of compounds than ever before. SiloniteTM can be applied to any stainless steel or glass surface, virtually eliminating the adsorption and reactions that can occur on metal and untreated glass surfaces.

Over the past 3 decades, Entech has contributed more to the field of sample pre-concentration than any other company.