About Solutions

It’s no secret that we think different.

At Lasersan, we believe that analytical challenges are not solved by products, they are solved with solutions.

Of course, the products are necessary and they certainly save time, improve accuracy and repeatability, but as every Analytical Chemist understands, some products are perfectly suited to some methods where others will outperform in another.

We understand that our customers do not have the time to review all of the product offerings and in this day and age, they certainly don’t have funds to waste on trial and error or products that will not work well within the existing environment, equipment and workflows.

This is why Lasersan is a solutions based provider. We take the time to understand your analytical needs, we are able to offer multiple product options to your solution where appropriate, we are able to advise you why one option may better meet your needs than another option and we are equiped to see the project through with you from first chat to successful outcome.

We have extensive experience providing analysis solutions for Metabolomics, Plant food and beverage, Environmental Toxins and Volatiles, Air, Gas and environmental sampling, Forensic Investigation and more. We understand that your solution may be different and the best way to find that solution is to contact us for a free consultation.