F-DGSi, is the world leader in the innovation of gas generators (Hydrogen, Air Zero, Nitrogen) meeting the needs of different analytical instruments such as LC-MS, GC, GC-MS and other applications used in laboratories around the world.

F-DGSi’s high quality products, combined with French creativity and design, allow you to lower your operating costs, reduce environmental impact and eliminate the inconvenience of bottled gas supply.

Lasersan is proud to be the Australian and New Zealand Distributor for F-DGSi. We extend to our customers, the F-DGSi commitment, to provide your laboratory with a complete gas production solution that is reliable and durable over the long term. We achieve this through our expertise and the F-DGSi design.

With the ability to cascade multiple gas generators in a “generator group”, we can help you build a gas generator solution that is both scalable for your laboratory expansion as well as providing automatic redundancy to ensure continued gas production, even if one or more generators are off-line or under maintenance.