Gerstel GmbH

GERSTEL is committed to developing and producing comprehensive, highly efficient and unique solutions for automated sample preparation and sample introduction for GC/MS and LC/MS.

GERSTEL’s advanced technology has proved to be indispensable in laboratories in many fields of science and industry for a wide range of applications including food, flavour, food safety, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, metabolomics, forensic toxicology, material emissions and environmental analysis.

GERSTEL’s analytical instrumentation enables analysts to achieve ultra low detection levels in complex matrices with unparalleled preparative capability.

GERSTEL instrumentation, along with its software integration, offers dramatically increased sample throughput, solutions to difficult sample preparation challenges and the ability to analyse a wide range of sample types.

GERSTEL’s automated solutions for sample preparation and introduction are ideally coupled with Agilent, SCIEX, LECO, ThermoFisher, Shimadzu, and Syft GC/MS platforms.

GERSTEL and LASERSAN’s mission is to help our customers and partners have fulfilling and successful careers. We pride ourselves in offering the best possible solutions and services tailored to your specific needs.

Cultivating close relationships with our customers enables us to understand their needs and provide solutions with your success in mind. Our comprehensive automated offerings are aimed at improving your productivity while increasing the reproducibility and accuracy of your results.  

The GERSTEL philosophy of modular design with a single platform approach allows you to build a system incorporating as many techniques as you need with the ability to expand your capabilities in the future.

Whenever you need a solution to address your critical analytical challenges, you can trust LASERSAN and GERSTEL to provide you with an end-to-end automation solution that ensures your success.