Service & Support

The biggest complaint we hear from the scientific industry is around lack of support. There seems to be an unlimited number of suppliers when it comes to selling you a product, but not so many that will stand behind those products when problems arise.

This takes us back to why we offer “solutions” rather than “products”. We have carefully chosen the product suppliers that we represent in our solutions. We choose to represent them because their products are reliable and their distributor support provides the tools, training and experience that we need to support you.

We also understand that every customer is different. Some like to focus on the analysis while other also like to perform their own maintenance and service allowing them to better understand their solutions.

With that in mind, our service and support solutions are flexible to meet the needs of each customer. We are able to provide assisted support via email, phone, video conference, remote login and where necessary, onsite visit.

We encourage you to chat with us about any specific service and support requirements you require so that we can customise an arrangement that meets your needs without breaking the budget.